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外媒关注昆明暴恐案宣判 被称“中国9·11”事件



  Daily Current Affairs: News from November 17, 2020

  Domestic news

  1。Xi Jinping's "Speech at the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Pudong Development and Opening-up" was published as a separate edition.

  2。In response to the Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations' remarks about Xinjiang,The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian responded,It is recommended to do homework in advance,So as not to laugh generously.

  3.News from the National Bureau of Statistics,January to October,10.09 million new jobs were created in cities and towns across the country,Complete the annual goals and tasks ahead of schedule.

  4.The Ministry of Transport clarified the prevention and control requirements and disinfection requirements during the loading and unloading and transportation of imported cold chain foods, the safety protection requirements for employees, and emergency response requirements.

  5,my country's annual design patent applications reached 71。20,000 pieces.

  6.In response to the U.S. side's ban on U.S. investors from investing in some Chinese companies, the Ministry of Commerce statedThe U.S. ignored the facts,Recognize relevant Chinese companies as military-controlled companies,Lack of basis,It also doesn't conform to legal principles.

  7.17th to 19th,my country's central and eastern regions will usher in a large-scale round of strong rain, snow, and strong winds to cool down.



  Daily Current Affairs: November 10, 2020 News Broadcast

  Domestic news

  1。The book "On the Party's Propaganda and Ideological Work" edited by Comrade Xi Jinping edited by the Institute of Party History and Documentation of the CPC Central Committee,Recently published by Central Literature Publishing House,Issued nationwide.

  2。The 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th CPPCC National Committee opened in Beijing,The main topic is to study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.Li Keqiang was invited to attend the opening meeting and give a report.

  3.The State Council issued the "Work Plan for Preventive and Comprehensive Disinfection of Imported Cold Chain Foods" in response to the joint prevention and control mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.Program requirements,Realize the traceability of the whole process closed-loop control,Minimize the risk of the new coronavirus being imported through imported cold chain food.



  Summary of domestic current affairs hotspots in the first week of November 2020

  1。The seventh national census officially opened on-site registration,More than 7 million census personnel have entered thousands of households,Register census information on a person-by-person basis.

  2。The Ministry of Water Resources and the National Development and Reform Commission announced thatThe Three Gorges Project completed the overall completion acceptance procedures.According to the acceptance conclusion,The construction of the Three Gorges Project was fully completed,The quality of the project meets the specifications and design requirements, and is generally excellent.The operation continues to be in good condition,Comprehensive benefits such as flood control, power generation, shipping, and water resource utilization have been brought into full play.

  3.Ministry of Justice news,The 2020 National Unified Legal Profession Qualification Examination will end on the 1st.今年参加考试的人数创历史新高,增加了16。8%。



  每日时事:10月15日 2020年国内外时事新闻


  1. 农业和农村事务部:832个贫困县的超过100万个工业扶贫项目

  14号农业和农村事务部在北京举行了2020年扶贫日产业扶贫论坛。论坛的主题是“促进工业扶贫与农村振兴的有效联系”。讨论和交流相关想法, 措施和建议,全国还发布了100种扶贫模式和100种扶贫模式。韩俊 中央农业办公室副主任兼农业和农村事务副部长, 强调要巩固减贫成果,充分发挥产业基础的支持作用,促进工业扶贫与农村工业振兴之间的有效联系。

  2。 2021年国家公务员考试的注册将于10月15日开始

  今天,国家公务员局的网站发布了招聘公务员的公告,以供2021年中央机关及其直属机构考试。候选人可以从10月15日的8:00登录到特殊考试网站。 2020年10月24日至18:00, 2020年。提交申请。



  每日时事:10月14日 2020年国内外时事新闻


  1. 中国再次当选联合国人权理事会成员


  2. 注意政策实施, 五部委对国家科技计划项目进行抽查

  10月13日科技部官方网站发布公告,科学技术部 财政部 教育部 中国科学院 中国自然科学基金会将联合对2020年国家科学技术计划(特别项目, 资金, 等等。)项目。这种随机检查采用了“事先不打招呼, 直接去现场”,集中现场检查。



  每日时事:10月13日 2020年国内外时事新闻


  1. 青岛采样了3078528份,找不到新的阳性样本

  13号记者从青岛市卫生委员会获悉,截至10月13日的8:00,青岛市已抽取3078528个样本进行核酸检测。1107883结果已经发布,除了已宣布的确诊病例和无症状感染,没有发现新的阳性样品; 1,在飞行测试中未找到970645个样本,测试结果将及时公布。

  2. 沪浙试点过境区和跨海关区国际航行船舶燃料供应

  几天之前,记者从交通运输部获悉,大型集装箱船“ Santa Rovanessa”号位于洋山深水港区,我们提供了1000 tons of low-sulfur bonded marine fuel oil from Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone.This is the first trial operation of fuel supply for ships on international voyages across Shanghai and Zhejiang ports and customs.This pilot is the cooperation between customs, maritime and other port departments and the governments of Shanghai and Zhejiang

  Current affairs hotspot


  Daily Current Affairs: October 12, 2020年国内外时事新闻


  1. Ministry of Transport: Accelerate the construction of an urban travel service system based on public transportation

  The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport,On the 11th,At the advanced deeds report meeting of the "Most Beautiful Bus Drivers" in 2019 held in Changsha, Hunan,Liu Xiaoming, Deputy Minister of Transport, said,Localities should speed up the construction of an urban travel service system with public transportation as the mainstay,Focus on improving the operating speed and punctuality of bus services,Continuously improve the quality of urban public transport services,Continuously improve the attractiveness of urban public transportation.

  2. Over 2.95 million poverty-stricken people who went out to work in Duzhan County listed on the market have a firmer employment foundation

  Current affairs hotspot


  Daily Current Affairs: Current Affairs News at Home and Abroad on October 9, 2020

  Domestic hot news

  1. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development notified the giant Guan Gong statue in Jingzhou, Hubei, and the Dushan Water Tower in Guizhou

  According to the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,Recently,The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with relevant departments, conducted investigations on the giant Guan Gong statue project in Jingzhou City, 湖北省 和独山县水师塔项目 贵州省 媒体和群众的强烈报道。为了有效加强对大型城市雕塑建设的管理,坚决控制乱成一团的巨型雕像和其他“文化地标”的建设,荆州市巨型关公雕像项目 湖北省独山县水师塔工程 现在通知贵州省。

  通知中指出,关公的巨型雕像建在历史名城荆州市, Hubei Province,最多57。3米违反了经批准的《荆州市历史文化名城保护规划》的有关规定,破坏了这座古城的风格和历史背景; 独山县 贵州省在京新谷风景名胜区修建了水利大楼, 营山镇该建筑高达99。9米投资额不超过2。5.60亿元存在诸如脱离现实的问题, 乱建“文化地标”, 破坏自然景观


  Current affairs hotspot


  每日时事:10月10日, 2020 Current Affairs News at Home and Abroad

  Domestic hot news

  1. 国家林业局:积极指导今年年底前停止种植包括竹鼠在内的45种禁食野生动物

  为了指导农民合法合规地经营, 有序有效地转移生产,国家林业和草原管理局最近确定了64种速生野生动物的分类管理范围。国家林业局的有关负责人9日说,对于45种野生动物(例如竹鼠),我们必须积极引导农民在2020年12月底之前停止育种活动。

  2. The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the first major asset reorganization registration of a GEM listed company

  The Securities Regulatory Commission said on the 9th,On September 30, the registration application for Chutian Technology Co., Ltd. to issue shares and convertible corporate bonds to purchase assets and raise matching funds was approved.This marks the official landing of the registration system for mergers and acquisitions of listed companies on the ChiNext.

  Current affairs hotspot


  Daily Current Affairs: Domestic and foreign current affairs news on September 23, 2020

  Domestic hot news

  1. Guidelines for the restoration of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses

  The reporter learned from the Ministry of Natural Resources: The General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the General Office of the Ministry of Finance, and the General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently jointly issued the "Guidelines for Ecological Protection and Restoration Projects of Landscapes, Forests, Fields, Lakes and Grasses (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide").Comprehensively guide and standardize the implementation of ecological protection and restoration projects for landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses (hereinafter referred to as "landscape projects"),Promote the integrated protection and restoration of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses.

  2. Ministry of Public Security: Breaking a telecommunications network fraud case in August 15.50,000 avoid losses of about 80 billion yuan

  The Ministry of Public Security held a press conference in Beijing on September 23,Announce the organization of special operations against cultural relics and the organization of criminal gangs against telecommunications and network fraud.

  Introduction to the conference,2017 Ministry of Public Security

  Current affairs hotspot









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